What is Vashon Makerspace?

Several organizations and businesses on the island have been working on a makerspace project for Vashon.  These include members of the Vashon Tool Library, the Vashon Library, the Vashon School District, and a large group of volunteers.

The Makerspace Advisory Group, has been meeting to work out the details of how a makerspace might be formed, including what tools and resources would be included, where it would be located, how membership might work, and a host of other issues. Woodworking, metalworking and other tools have been collected and are being held at the Vashon Tool Library, waiting for appropriate space to be located.  Some financial commitments have been obtained, but additional funds will be required.


Right now we’re just a dream, monthly meetings and a mailing list. Want to be a part of it and/or learn more as we grow?


A place in which people with shared interests can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. A makerspace may contain all kinds of tools, from electronics and computers to shop tools, and provides a workspace for individuals and groups in the community to come together, learn and build. Makerspaces have been created all around the Puget Sound area and across the nation. Two examples of local makerspaces can be seen at FabLab Tacoma and SoDo Makerspace. There is a national organization of makerspaces that holds annual Maker Faires.



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